Stress-eating is real — and totally natural.

Stress-eating is real — and totally natural.

We’re all mostly relegated to our homes. Unfamiliar territory and unpredictable days… it doesn’t fare well for our sanity. Especially those of us at home with multiple little ones - homeschooling and entertaining 24/7 - or worried about friends and family on the frontlines, working in hospitals or in essential service industries.

Life is a challenge on its best days, so it’s no surprise that many of us are struggling with the stress of quarantine and uncertainty about when life might return to normal, and what that new normal will look like.

But we can find ways to build harmony and happiness, even during trying times like these by tapping into ancient truths about what makes us human. What are these truths? I call them The Five Archetypes. They have been helping people live more fulfilling lives with better relationships for thousands of years.

You can take the assessment to see which archetype is your primary.  Each of the archetypes represents a particular temperament and a set of traits, which help you know how to cope and bond better with others. Answer each question to the best of your ability. When you finish we will automatically e-mail you the results.

One thing I know for sure is that, regardless of our primary archetype, we are all impacted by the grief and unrest we feel right now.  To balance these emotions, we all need some sort of structure in our lives.  The best three ways to create structure are with food, breathing and practice of gratitude.

  • Eat balanced meals at around the same time each day.  Do what you can to make this part easy for yourself because it’s easy to let healthy eating slide.  Eat Sunny is the perfect solution for taking this task “off your plate!”  Prepared, healthful and ready to eat meals means you have zero excuses for dipping into the proverbial cookie jar.
  • Set an alarm on your phone two or three times each day to remind yourself to breathe.  Specifically, take a full inhale through your nose into your belly and a long exhale through your mouth with enough force to blow out a candle.  It calms the nervous system and resets the mind back to center.
  • Right upon waking and right before falling asleep name three things or people for whom you are grateful.  Bookending your day with gratitude helps assuage grief and focus more on the positives when we are continuously bombarded with the negatives.
Come join me and let’s dive even deeper into your journey with The Five Archetypes. Begin now!