Our Anti-diet Manifesto: Why the Mediterranean Diet is the Best for Menopause

Our Anti-diet Manifesto: Why the Mediterranean Diet is the Best for Menopause

Hot flashes, weight gain and headaches — if you are in menopause, these symptoms might feel all too familiar. But did you know that food can help you manage and ease the intensity of your experience?

In a study of over 6000 women, researchers found that the women who followed a fruit based or Mediterranean-style diet were observationally less likely to report symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats than those who were consuming processed, high fat and high sugar meals. 

Try these menopause friendly foods

1. Green leafy vegetables

High in calcium and fiber, vegetables like kale and spinach help maintain bone density and prevent constipation. 

2. Greek yogurt and French style yogurt

If your body can tolerate dairy without bloating and discomfort, probiotic and protein rich yogurt is rich in calcium and can help maintain muscle mass and bone density not to mention support gut health.

3. Omega 3 rich fatty acids

Found in hemp seeds, salmon, walnuts and chia seeds, Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help boost and stabilize mood.

4. Lean protein

Organic chicken, cage free eggs, wild salmon help balance blood sugar and maintain muscle mass to prevent sarcopenia and support a healthy metabolism.

Foods to avoid: In addition to processed foods, high-fat and high-sugar foods, caffeine and spicy foods that can disturb sleep patterns and induce hot flashes.


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