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We took your favorite comfort food meals and gave them a superfood upgrade! Our meals are freshly made (not frozen) with whole food ingredients you can pronounce and that give you plenty of flavor and nutrition bite-for-bite. You’ll find antioxidant rich vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and zero gluten, hydrogenated oils, refined or artificial sugars* and limited dairy. We invite you to discover just how good it feels to Eat Sunny!

Chicken Tikka
with Vegetables & Rice

Featuring Roasted Vegetables & Spiced Chickpeas


The Taco Tati
Chicken Taco Bowl

Featuring a quinoa rice blend, pico de gallo & guacamole


Southwest-Style Chicken Enchiladas with Beans & Vegetables

Featuring 3 Corn Rolled Tortillas with Spinach, Cauliflower & Carrots


Meatless Bolognese
with Pasta & Broccoli

Featuring lentil bolognese, gluten-free penne & steamed broccoli